Pledge Stones Bricks

Pledge Stones Brick
[plej stonz brik]

An 8x4x2.25 inch, 8 lb. rectangular custom engraved block made of polished marble or onyx, housed in a wooden gift chest, used in the commemorative building and protecting of legacies, to be passed down through the generations.

pledge stones bricks
color palette

5 stone colors to choose from


Custom Sandblast Engraving

gift chest

custom antique wood gift chest included


design mockups & revisions included

fraternity bricks

Carved, engraved, painted, and polished, by hand. Accomplishments are achieved through hard work. As such, it is only fitting that those accomplishments be recognized with hand-crafted pieces. This is Pledge Stones, where faith and hard work meet, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gallery of Bricks

Looking for some design inspiration for your pledge brick? While our gallery features some of our most popular layouts, we can also tailor our designs to best fit your needs. Browse our past work now. If you like one of our designs, make note of the item's # and let us know in your order.

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