About Pledge Stones

About Pledge Stones

Pledge stones is a company dedicated to crafting the finest stone products with the option to have each piece personally engraved. We want our customers to enjoy the richness of deeply engraved, color-filled custom text and artwork, so we assembled a team of highly skilled engravers to accomplish the job by using the more labor-intensive process of sandblasting instead of laser engraving.

Even today, we engrave pieces in the collection, using the same sandblasting engraving techniques as we did when our company was established. Be it plaques, bricks, desk plates, pen-holders, business card holders, or other excellent stone products; Pledge Stones proudly presents a collection of handcrafted stone products, graced with your custom engraved text and artwork.

Why Choose Pledge Stones

In the awards and recognition gifts industry, products are manufactured using a variety of different materials. Still, for us, the stone has and will forever be the dominant material of choice. When it comes to our handcrafted pieces and especially our awards and recognition gifts, we believe each piece should serve as a constant reminder of one’s accomplishments, thereby motivating the recipient to do even greater things while positively influencing others.

Our Story

The Pledge Stones story began with a father’s teaching to his son that with faith, he could conquer anything. Keeping this lesson close to his heart, the soon to be the founder of Pledge Stones left his childhood home with the dream of traveling the world to discover his purpose in life. Upon carrying out the pledge to his father to complete his studies, the young man donned his traveling shoes and began to fulfill his destiny.

Traveling from the Americas to Europe and from Asia to Africa, his season of exploration formed a vision that led to the birth of Pledge Stones. For at each destination, the son marveled at the awesome handiwork of God’s creation, particularly the majesty of the mountains. Puzzled by this fascination, the young man looked to the hills for his help.

There, the young man reflected on the teachings of his father and a familiar passage of scripture that was hidden in his heart: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

With this reaffirmed charge, the young man began to mature in his faith, and he began to see the mountains in his life move. As a testimony to the power of faith, the young man, along with his wife, founded Pledge Stones – a company dedicated to taking a symbolic piece of one’s mountain and turning it into a timeless representation of faith, reflection, and thanksgiving.

In 2001, the young man’s father completed his final journey here on earth, but his teachings remain etched in the founder’s heart and have a permanent place in the evolution of Pledge Stones.

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