Why Use Sand Carving to Engrave?

There are a number of different methods to engrave text and images onto a surface, but for Pledge Stones, we only use sand carving (also known as sand blasting) techniques.

When we first started our company, we were looking for engraving methods that could penetrate deep into our marble and granite pieces. We knew that our clients were interested in passing their pieces down through the generations, so it was our mission to offer custom engraving services would stand the test of time. After experimenting with other engraving processes, such as laser engraving, Pledge Stones decided to pursue the more labor intensive process of sand carving. Sand carving would provide the rich, deep finish and color-fill options in which our clients had come to expect from Pledge Stones. Our team of highly skilled sand carvers was carefully assembled and today, that same team continues to sand carve each piece, by hand. Accomplished by creating a mast and skillfully penetrating that mast with sand at high pressure, sand carving is the only method we use for engraving our stones.

There are other ways to engrave Pledge Stones pieces, but we believe the high-quality hand carving of our pieces should be equally matched by the rich sand carving we provide, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This is craftsmanship at its highest levels – this is Pledge Stones.